Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What some Congressman are doing with the taxes you pay

Here is the news report by WCBS 2 News:

So this is what US Congressman can do with our tax money. They can lease nice cars without spending a dime of their own paychecks. This is disgusting and disgraceful waste of taxpayer money. There are US Congressman leasing cars for 700 plus per month! I think everyone should demand this "loophole" be closed immediately or there be some type of money cap put on the use of such funds. Buick? Lexus? Cadillac? Why can't these people use their own money to lease or buy such cars?

Also, in the video above you see some of the Congressman getting out of the backseat of their cars. So with what money are they paying for their drivers? People wonder why the Federal Spending defecit is so high. Well, frivilous use of Federal money such as this adds up. Lets do some quick math:

-There are 435 United States Congressman
-The average payment per month for the leases in the above video come out to $605.20
-Now, lets assume that all US Congressman utilize this loophole (I am sure that there are those who do not, but this is a figuretive excercise), so if we multiply 435 Congressman by $605.20 equals a total goverment expenditure of $263,262.
-Then for the year, it would cost the US Government (according to these rough estimates) $3,159,144 a year to pay the leases for all US Congressman to have their own government subsidized cars

I have not taken the time to figure out how much gas and insurance costs as well, but those are also paid for by the US government.

Do you think our government is using our tax money wisely or foolishly? I say foolishly and it disgusts me. We should demand this loophole that allows this to be eliminated or regulated in some way. This is ridiculous!

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