Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Truth about Drilling for Oil in ANWR (Alaska)

I found this on The Heritage Foundation Blog site and felt it is worth republishing here. This summarizes what is really going on with ANWR and Oil Drilling and it's all true! Take time to see this and open your mind:

 First, do you know what ANWR is?

ANWR = Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Now, a comparison:

 And some perspective:

Note where the proposed development area is (in the ‘ANWR Coastal Plain’):


This is what the Democrats, liberals and ‘greens’ show you when they talk about ANWR. And they are right, these are photographs of ANWR:




Isn’t ANWR beautiful? Why should we drill here (and destroy) this beautiful place?

Well, that’s not exactly the truth.

Do you remember the map?

The map showed that the proposed drilling area is in the ANWR Coastal Plain.

Do those photographs look like a coastal plain to you?

What’s going on here?

The answer is simple.

That is NOT where they are wanting to drill!

This is what the proposed exploration area ACTUALLY looks like in the winter:


And this is what it ACTUALLY looks like in the summer:




 Here are a couple screen shots from Google Earth:



 As you can see, the area where they are talking about drilling is a barren wasteland.

 Oh, and they say that they are concerned about the effect on the local wildlife.

Here is a photo (shot during the summer) of the ‘depleted wildlife’ situation created by drilling around Prudhoe Bay. Don’t you think that the Caribou really hate that drilling?


Here’s that same spot during the winter:


 Hey, this bear seems to really hate the pipeline near Prudhoe Bay, which accounts for 17% of U.S. domestic oil production.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

A sign of neglected evil in our world

Brooke Bennett was found dead yesterday about a mile from her uncle's residence. Her uncle has been arrested for kidnapping her to initiate her into a child sex ring. Brooke's stepfather has also been arrest for destroying evidence that could have helped police in finding Brooke's whereabouts.

This situation angers and disgusts me! Two men who are entrusted to take care of and protect a child, a stepfather and uncle, facilitated and aided in putting Brooke Bennett in danger, leading to her eventual death. This is a sign of the evil that society has allowed to occur.

Yes, I blame society. We live in an America where we have the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror", while we obsess over the lives and activities of celebrities and we worry about whether the New England Patriots have "spied" on teams over the years and if they cheated more than a "few" times. But yet, there is a pandemic of tragedies involving the sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and deaths of our youth.

In today's world there is an attitude toward men saying "Boys will be Boys". This mentality removes any legitimate expectation of men to be responsible and productive citizens in society. People have tried to make men into insignificant "sperm donors" who are not good for anything.

So, since the expectations for men are so low, what happens? Men and boys fall into becoming self-absorbed, depraved individuals. While not all men become pedophiles or have pedophilic tendencies, the slippery slope is there. There are more deceitful and predatory males than "good guys". I say this as a male. The fact that MANY men have turned into using, self-absorbed, sex obsessed, irresponsible, lazy pigs is generated by the low expectations laid upon them by other men AND from women. When women do not hold men responsible to be REAL men, they become mentally lazy and deviant.

The majority of males have turned into wimps or predators. It is sad and is an evil that is being ignored by many people, especially those in positions of power, such as judges, lawyers, and politicians. The excessive rise of the numbers of pedophiles and child/female predators in today's society is utterly repulsive. People seem to live in a world of ignorance, thinking things such as "That will never happen to me" and "Deep down, everyone is a good person".

Everyone needs to wake up. We live in a depraved, evil world were things such as what happened to Brooke Bennett happen right under people's noses. What has been mentioned in numerous news reports on TV is that Brooke's uncle is a convicted child sex offender who "graduated" from a pedophile rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation for pedophiles? Pedophiles and those who prey upon children and women are NOT like alcoholics and drug junkies! This is not some addiction, this is a mental disorder! These people are messed up in the head. This is not normal. These are people who are disturbed, abnormal individuals.

Numerous psychologists say that pedophilia is a mental disorder. Rapists have a recidivism rate of 94 percent and child molesters have a recidivism rate of 90 percent. Compare that to murders (including manslaughter) which have a recidivism rate of 62 percent. That’s a major difference, 30 percentage points, between those two types of criminals! Yet, people want to "rehabilitate" these people?

This topic is also personal to me. I have known and been friends with numerous women who have been the victims of molestation and rape. Just in this last week, a friend of mine who is a minor had two different men in different vehicles attempt to pick her up while she was waiting for a ride home. One of these men even said to her that her mom has "sent him" to pick her up. Once she threatened to call the police, the one man drove away and the other drove away once her ride home showed up. I personally have seen pedophiles stalking children and women in stores and on local boardwalks. These men have similar profiles: they don’t like to look people in the eye, they like to be in areas where children may be, they look down a lot, and they usually walk with erratic speeds (example: slow-fast-slow).

I am tired of hearing about how these men are "people too" and how they have "rights". Let’s get something straight. Men have responsibilities. Men are creatures designed to protect and defend children and women, not to take advantage and prey upon them. We have numerous young men going to jail for numerous years in excess for drug possession charges in comparison to those who are convicted of child molestation crimes! You explain to me how some kid who was caught with a bag of crack in his pocket is more of a danger to society than a guy who fondles a 5-year old child? Why does the kid who had the crack on him get a jail sentence of 5 years and the child molester gets out after 2 years for good behavior?

We do not need a "War on Drugs". Drug addicts need rehabilitation and help. We need a War on Predators, all kinds! These sick, evil intentioned men are dangerous. Rape and molestation destroys lives and scars people for life! We as a society need to start caring more about the rights and safety of our women, children, and youth more than we are about ourselves! The moral standing of a nation defines its future.

Stop thinking about how it can't happen to you or anyone you know. Take a minute to think about it this way: What if Brooke Bennett was YOUR daughter, YOUR friend, YOUR girlfriend/future girlfriend/future wife, YOUR niece or grand-daughter...? Everyone needs to get out of this mindset that it can't happen to you or someone you know. Everyone needs to stop thinking weird, disturbing, or bad people are "good" at heart. Women need to STOP excusing the bad actions of men. According to studies, the majority of cases of abuse, rape, and molestation are never reported. If the guy is a jerk or mean or abusive or a user or a deviant, get away from him! Surround yourself with friends (male and female) you can trust and who will give you sound advice. Men, I challenge you to grow up and start being REAL men, not wimpy, self-absorbed, horny freaks! Take responsibility; treat others and yourselves with respect. Women also need to stop being so naive about how many dangerous and predatory men are out there. I am a male and I know these pigs when I see them.

Remember ladies and gentleman, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing".