Friday, May 9, 2008

Arizona State University Cheerleading Squad cut over photos?

Well, Arizona State University has decided to eliminate the Cheerleading squad. They did this as a response to photos appearing on the internet of 6 members of the cheer squad in their "bras and panties". According to rumors online, students at the school and those close to the situation claim that the university has been looking for a reason to cut the cheer squad. Some say it is for financial reasons, others say that their was some feud between the administration and the cheer squad over the years.

Whatever the real story is about why the cheerleading squad was cut, the fact is that the appearance is that the school cut the program as a reactionary move over photos of 6 of the 16 member squad. On the surface, it seems like a very brash move by the administration of a public university.

The fact that this was the thing that "pushed" the school over the "edge" is pathetic. Sure, the photos (which Foxnews went out of its way to show as much as possible during Shepherd Smith's two shows at 3pm and 7pm) can be considered "racy" in nature, but hypocrisy abounds in this situation.

Arizona State University (ASU) is known as one of the top "party schools" in America. For those out there who might equate extreme college partying with movies such as "Old School" and "Van Wilder", then Arizona State fits the bill. According to Rankings by Playboy magazine in 2002 and 2006 and Princeton Reviews' annual college rankings, ASU is a top notch party school, getting very high grades.

So the fact that a public university tries to use "racy" photos of some cheerleaders as an "excuse" to cut the program is similar to the Pastor of a church getting mad his parishioners brought their Bibles to church on Sunday! You are ok with the "party school" image, yet you have a problem with racy photos by your cheerleaders? That's hypocritical. Cheerleaders are viewed, whether it is justified or not is debatable, as "sex symbols". The stereotype is that cheerleaders are suppose to be "cute" and "sexy" and that many are "easy" and "ditzy". Many cheer squads at many colleges wear uniforms with short skirts and tops that reveal their midriff. Yet, a public university is going to cut a program that is a mainstay at colleges and universities across America? Especially as a reaction to racy photos of cheerleaders at a school which is known for, shall I say, amorals?

You can't have it both ways. Even tiny junior and community colleges have cheer squads. ASU is being hypocritical and ridiculous. The school is not being upfront and honest with the public about the situation. The should be. The taxpayers pay their salaries directly. As a public institution of learning, ASU should be held accountable for all their actions, good and bad. Adults are suppose to run a university, not hypocrites.

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