Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who is ACORN? Why should you care?

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a group that was created as the product of movements of the 1960's concerning Economic Justice and aiding the poor and those on Welfare. Part of their ideology is that they want to focus on helping the poor and "push" them up the classes ladder while bring down the "rich" so there is less of a gap between the rich and poor.

What makes ACORN a problem is that their ideology is anti-American and anti-Constitution in nature. They use the victimization mentality to motive the poor to support political candidates with socialistic agendas. These agendas include economic justice (which means punishing the rich and using that money to support the poor while depending on the middle class to absorb the poor and rich into their part of society and become the supporters of the economy), have the government control the economy and other facets of life, and to institute a more radical form of Affirmative Action. While to some these ideas sound good or reasonable, they go against all the ideals this nation was founded upon. ACORN likes how, for example, Hugo Chavez runs Venezuala. Venezuala economy is a disaster and the great "money maker", oil, is under such strict control by the government, they are having trouble making prospective profits!

Also, ACORN on their website denies they have ever had legal trouble concerning voter registration. But the truth is that they have had voter fraud issues in Missouri, Michigan, Seattle, and let us not forget their legal troubles in Florida, New Mexico, and Ohio.

Senator Barack Obama has said he has no affiliation with ACORN aside from representing them in a legal case. But here is a detailed article on Obama's history with ACORN which included him being involved in their voter registration efforts. Below is a video of Senator Barack Obama in December 2007 at an ACORN rally/forum and see Senator Obama speak for himself to ACORN about his position on ACORN (fast forward to the 1:50 mark of the video):

So now that we know Senator Obama DID work with ACORN and that he wants ACORN INVOLVED in his "Change" for America, now watch these two videos from an ACORN conference from this summer:

So is this what we want? Forget the whole anti-Bush rhetoric or the fact that one presidential candidate is a Democrat and the other is a Republican. Do you want a man whose ideology is in-step with people who want to change this country from what it was created to be? Obama and those who are involved with ACORN want to change this nation into a country where the government controls your life and the poor are babysat by the government, never encouraged to make their lives better. Obama talks about the American Dream, yet Social and Economic Justice stifle such dreams. He doesnt want to fix what President Bush has done, he wants to change this nation in something we wont recognize. Is that what you want?

Epilogue: Next video is the best media story about Obama and ACORN, courtesy of CNN's Lou Dobbs:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Media Reports on the Obama-Ayers connection

I don't want to dwell on this issue as some in the media have done, but for those out there wanting a quick overview of the issue, these reports are accurate and solid. I played this first video on my radio show last Saturday. Giving the media deserved credit when credit is due; this first video is a report on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

Now here is a video of Independent Political Analyst Michael Barone being interviewed on Foxnews by Greta van Susteren about why this is important:

The previous two videos, hosted by liberal members of the media, give the best perspective on this issue.

Now lets get back to debating the issues....