Wednesday, November 28, 2007

President Clinton was against "The Iraq War....from the beginning"?

President Bill Clinton is trying to claim he was again the Iraq Military Operation from "the beginning". Interesting, because his wife, Senator/Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton supported the Congressional Approval of US Military Action in Iraq. But you dont have to believe me just because I say all of this, watch this report on ABC's Good Morning America:

So all of this about the former President being against military action in Iraq from the get-go is mularky. The fact is that it was President Bill Clinton in 1998 who sign the Iraq Liberation Act which declared it was the duty of the United States to liberate Iraq from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

Be informed, do yourself this favor. Take time out of your day and watch the following video from December 16th, 1998. It is President Bill Clinton addressing the nation about attacking Iraq. If you want to blame President Bush for anything, blame him for following Clinton's lead on Iraq while all the former President was doing was attempting to "finish" the job the first President Bush never finished:

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