Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hypocritical Republicans!!

Ok, so after the Republican Presidential candidates all agreed in Florida last month that the Republicans would not punish Florida for moving up it's primary date like the Democrat Party has, the Republican National Committee makes liars out of their Presidential Candidates:

*GOP Punishes Five Early-Voting States by Stripping Half Their Delegates

Oh, but they are not as bad as the Democrats because the Republicans are still allowing half of the delegates. Look, why do we need to at all "punish" anyone? This circus of "who's first" concerning Presidential Primaries is ridiculous, even to a Political Guru such as myself. Hey, Republicans, there is a reason why the voters kicked you out of power in 2006 in the US Congress and why the current Democrat controlled Congress has the worst approval ratings EVER! Stop with this same old rhetoric and burecratic mularky! Stop being like your rival Democrats or you will meet the same fate you met in 2006 and 1976: out of power. Start learning from history instead of repeating it.

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