Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I really do not understand these people

Well, in the last 24 hours, the news has been full of, shall I say, interesting stories. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has resigned after the revelation that he was a client of a "high class" prostitution ring. Spitzer is currently under federal investigation for his involvement and how he paid for his sexual exploits. The "new" New York Governor, David Paterson, is the first blind governor in US history. But after his official swearing in, Paterson dropped the bombshell in an interview that he had an affair during a "rocky period" for several years of his marriage. His wife confirmed this and disclosed she also had an affair during this same time period.

Also in the news, former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey has "confirmed" accusations by former campaign aide and driver Teddy Peterson. Peterson has alleged that he, McGreevey, and McGreevey's ex wife Dina Matos McGreevey had "consensual sex" together over a two year period. Dina has denied these accusations, which just happen to come up as she is in the process of suing the former governor for damages because he kept his homosexuality from her. McGreevey resigned his governorship back in 2004 after allegations came up about his homosexual affairs.

I do not understand these people. Spitzer, the Patersons, McGreevey, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and many other politicians: they get married, later have affairs and then try to produce an excuse for it. What is the purpose of being married then? This sickens me that these people even have these affairs. If you are married, you are supposed to stay loyal to your partner. If you cannot, go tell them you cannot, do not go cheat on them. No matter what face they put on in public, the partner of the cheater always gets hurt. And if there are children, this affects their lives too. Spitzer and Clinton had affairs with women who were around the age of one of their daughters. Sick! Gingrich had an affair during the time of the impeachment proceedings of President Clinton, who was being impeached for lying under oath about an affair himself! What is with this people?

And where is the public outcry against these people? There is some, but there also is an overwhelming, "It's their personal life" excuse farce thrown around. If you are a politician, supposedly representing the voters who put you into office, why are you spending your time, while in that position, going around having affairs? You need sex that bad, go to your wife! And if that is not good enough, go get some counseling with you and your wife. Today's society has become so blasé about people having affairs. There needs to be some moral standard upheld here! If you are "taken", then you should not go sleeping around. And if having an affair or cheating on your spouse or "significant other" is so "okay", then why do people sneak around doing it and keep it a secret? Well, psychologically, if you keep something secret and sneak around doing it, you have some fear of being caught and there is an element of conviction there for the "deed".

Just because numerous politicians do it and people on TV shows and movies do it, does not make having an affair and cheating on someone make doing it "glamorous" or "cool" or "exciting". And it is more than just taboo; having an affair or cheating on some is down right WRONG! If you have that much trouble controlling yourself, stay single or talk to your significant other about it. Do not be like Spitzer and Clinton and McGreevey and leave your family and friends out to dry. They did it in such a public view.

I want to leave you readers with this thought: The only well known politicians in the news over the last several months who has no marital history issues is Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Does anyone focus on what they are doing "right" with their personal lives? No, the world obsesses about everyone else's indiscretions. We need to stop walking around like lemmings all googly-eyed about people's "dirty secrets" and affairs, and start looking up the positive traits of those who are doing things the right way. Obama's and Romney's marriages should be standard setters, role models for a world which is engrossed with news about the indiscretions and affairs of numerous politicians.

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