Monday, January 21, 2008

Democrats go at it in South Carolina debate

Thank you to for posting these videos so quickly and saving me the time of hunting them down on YouTube. These two clips summarize the "infighting" going on between the two top Democratic Presidential Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama seems to have finally decided to stand up for himself some. Check it out:

Part 1

Part 2

Quick thoughts: Senator Clinton obviously dispises Senator Obama. It is written all over her face, posture, and mannerisms.

Concerning Obama's numerous "present" votes as an Illinois State Senator, there is a reason for that. In Illinois' state legislator, if a Senator likes the bill being voted on but does not like certain provisions or amendments to it, he can vote "present". If enough senators vote "present" the bill is sent back to be re-evaluted and sometimes "fixed". Obama excercised this practice numerous times, obviously. So it really does not mean Senator Obama doesn't "stand" for anything, there were bills that he liked for it's intent, but disliked the strings attached on it. This does not mean he does not have convictions or that he cannot make up his mind. It is a state practice, not a cop-out vote.

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