Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Bill (Clinton) is every bit as black as Barack (Obama)" WHAT?!?!?

Civil Rights Icon Calls Obama Too Young

Here we go again: "Bill Clinton was the first black President" stuff all over again. So what exactly makes the former President just as "black" (if not more black) than Barack Obama? I am still waiting for that exact answer. Andrew Young may be a Civil Rights icon and legend, but that doesn’t make him always in the right. And whether he is kidding or not, it is uncalled for to say things such as:

"He's probably gone with more black women than Barack"

Now, if you watch the video you will hear the crowd went berserk with laughter. Yes, Mr. Young did state after a few seconds "I was just clowning", but the damage had been done. This "Alpha/Chauvinistic" masculine pride in "Look at all the women I slept with" mixed with racial epithets disgusts me.

The fact is that Barack Obama has been happily married to his wife, Michelle, for 15 years this past October. But there is more pride taken in that Bill Clinton has slept with more "black women" than Barack has? In a nation where we have so many single parent homes and where so many "fathers" do not take their responsibilities seriously, in a nation were there are very few positive male role models for Black males, you are uplifting a man who has not been faithful to his wife? Why not "praise" the man who has stuck by his wife and is still happily married? But no, Mr. Young thinks it's funny and cute to poke about the former President's past extra martial escapades and belittle Senator Obama's faithfulness to his wife.

The political pandering and irrational dialogue by Mr. Young shows me how low this nation has gone in politics and racial affairs. Read below what else Mr. Young said and see if it looks familiar:

"I want Barack Obama to be president...in 2016. It's not a matter of being inexperienced. It's a matter of being young....There's a certain level of maturity ... you've got to learn to take a certain amount of s**t."

Wait, if it not a matter of "inexperience", then why say he is "young" and needs more maturity and that Obama hasn't taken enough you know what? Obama is older right now than John F. Kennedy was when he was elected President (Kennedy - 43; Obama - 46). Theodore Roosevelt was almost 43 when he became President and Bill Clinton was 46 and a half years old. If Barack Obama was elected President, he would be almost 47 and a half years old on Inauguration Day. Too young? I do not think so. I had discussed the "inexperience" issue in a previous post.

Lets get away from the stereotypical arguments that are frivolous and demeaning. Lets debate and discuss the issues. Enough about how Obama has "lied". Enough with the imbecilic slander. Lets discuss issues and debate policy, enough with the race baiting and name-calling.

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