Friday, October 26, 2007

"They are not our friends" follow up

Putin warns Europe ahead of summit

Putin: US Plan Evokes '62 Cuban Crisis

This post is a quick follow up to my last post about Russia's continued friendliness towards Iran and hostility towards the US. While Russian President Vladimir Putin claims US President Bush is a "personal friend", he words are very volatile and hostile. Russia has been working for the last year to try and monopolize who controls the oil market in Europe and Asia. Russia is responsible for 25 percent of the European oil market. Now that Russia is working to ally itself with Iran, another major exporter of oil, but promising to help them with their nuclear ambitions.

We must also mention that Putin has rejected the implementation of a US missile defense system in central Europe that would be used to protect Western Europe and the US from any missile strikes that could be launched by Iran or any other hostile countries. And how would Iran be able to launch such an attack? Because Iran in recent months has purchased North Korean missiles and access to their missile technology, as well as Russian and Chinese military technology.

On top of all of this, Putin announce recently that Russia is developing a New Atomic weapon and building more atomic subs. The same Russia that is conducting military exercises with China. China, who has numerous ballistic missiles pointed at the US and Japan. But the USA is the hostile nation? We are the one's creating a "crisis"? Putin is a former head of the Soviet KGB and he is appearing to be more and more to be wanting to rebuild Russia to the Soviet power it use to be via military strength and oil market control.

Who is the aggressor now? And what is our politicians worried about in Washington, except for political posturing to get re-elected while we have nations who are working together to "balance out" the US strength in the is nice to know though that President Bush is a "personal friend"...makes me feel a whole lot better.

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